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Fuming Mouth

Worcester, MA

Winter/ Early Spring? 2014


Artur Bordalo

Street art on train tracks throughout Portugal

Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo (also known as Bordalo II) has created a series of street art over various train tracks throughout Portugal. The art has caught the eye of many, as it offers a bright contrast to the earthy tones of the railways. Visit Bordalo’swebsite or Facebook page to see more of his work.

what this is so cool!


Alps Ettore Moni

Even though high-altitude tourism is undoubtedly a considerable source of income for mountain communities – who are frequently neglected by national agricultural and farming support policies –, massive anthropisation brings about a significant modification of landscape. The pictures of this inquiry aim at upsetting the viewers to make them feel like any mountain enthusiast who at the end of their trip are faced with something they would not want to find. My goal is to sensitize everybody and make them be aware of the irreversible damage that is nowadays suffered by our wonderful landscapes.”

(Source: archatlas)


Division by Zero

Latest sound art installation by vtol is a levitating speaker that plays generated glitch noises - video embedded below:

autonomous, zero gravity sound object
- magnetic levitation coil/magnet system
- bluetooth sound receiver
- 2 channel micro sound system
- pure data for glitch sounds



Lucille Clerc

1. Barbican

2. Tate Modern

3. V&A